Health & Wellbeing


Organisational Wellbeing70% of leaders believe that their workplace has policies and processes to support staff with mental health conditions, yet only 40% of employees believe they got it right “

(Beyond Blue, 2014).

Are you trying to implement a sustainable, efficient health and wellbeing framework?

Do you feel like you have developed efficient policies and employee support systems, yet you still have issues with absenteeism, corporate culture, engagement and workplace injuries?

Do you find that there is a significant difference between your analysis of workplace health and the employee’s perception of it?

We call this the ‘Reality Gap’.

Organisations are systems that continuously change and evolve.Therefore a successful health and wellbeing approach needs to be strategic and adjustable.

We expand on the usual linear approach to workplace health by developing risk-based, strategic, multi-layered and sustainable health and wellbeing frameworks.

We will help you bridge the ‘Reality Gap’ and build an engaged, committed workforce.

The PsyFlex model drives wellbeing throughout the organisation.

It inspires each individual within the organisation to commit to achieving a healthy, safe and supportive environment. 

The PsyFlex approach to wellbeing is based on FACTS:

Is based on analytics and a best-practice occupational health model. It incorporates a scientifically proven approach to managing human behaviour.

Flexible – A framework that is integrated into the business strategy and easy to change. It takes into account best-practice approaches to wellbeing, as well as changes in work demands and pressures.

Adaptive– A framework that is constantly monitored and analysed to ensure that it is suitable to the requirements and/or conditions of the organisation, group or individuals.

Committed – It is driven by the commitment of all individuals within the organisation, aligned with a common understanding of organisational wellbeing and how it impacts individual wellbeing, the workplace environment and business success.

Transparent – There is cross-organisational awareness and education about the new approach, including clear communication about wellbeing risks and how these impact individual and organizational outcomes.

Sustainable To be sustainable, your wellbeing approach needs to be embedded in every part of your organisation, building a culture of openness, cooperation and acceptance.


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