About Us

Our Aims

We create strong, flexible workforces, using best-practice methods, guided by cutting-edge research.

PsyFlex is a collaboration between Dr Natasha Lazareski (Kiso) and Dr Russ Harris.

While they were junior doctors, working in hospitals with a wide range of medical, surgical and psychiatric issues, both Natasha and Russ became fascinated by the psychological aspects of human health. At the same time, they became increasingly frustrated at the inability of modern medicine to create genuine health and wellbeing.

This took them both into unique career pathways, exploring the important connections between mind, body, environment and wellbeing.

Their partnership happened when Natasha’s passion for creating an optimum, injury-free work environment met Russ’s determination to develop psychologically flexible people. It’s a partnership of two passionate people with the same vision: to provide cutting-edge, evidence-based, sustainable health and wellbeing solutions in the workplace.

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to empower employees to efficiently deal with everyday life challenges, and to help employers build safe, healthy and supportive work environments.

Our People

Dr Natasha Lazareski (Kiso) – Director


Dr Natasha Lazareski (Kiso) is a co-director of PsyFlex . She completed her medical degree in Belgrade, Serbia and was a junior doctor during the war there in the late 80s and early 90s. Natasha’s first hand exposure to the disastrous effects of war and trauma, and their devastating effects on the human mind, stirred her to explore preventive medicine and psychological health. She became especially interested in psychological flexibility and helping people develop the strength to deal with challenging situations …read more

Natasha is now an occupational health specialist, and an expert in psychosocial risk management. She has helped a wide range of organisations – including personal insurance agencies, Workers’ compensation, and government institutions – to successfully develop sustainable risk management strategies and holistic health frameworks .


Dr Russ Harris – Director


Dr. Russ Harris is an internationally best-selling author, medical doctor, psychotherapist, life coach, and consultant to the World Health Organisation. He has directly trained over 18,000 psychological health professionals in the ACT model (in Australia, Europe, UK and USA), and his textbook for professionals, “ACT Made Simple”, has sold over 50,000 copies …read more

Of the eight books he has written, the best known is The Happiness Trap, which has sold half a million copies, and has been translated into twenty-two languages. In his late twenties, even though he was a successful young doctor, Russ was anxious, stressed and depressed. Sure, he had achieved many of his major life goals, but he felt his life lacked meaning, purpose, vitality. Sound familiar? When Russ discovered the scientifically proven principles of ACT – how to live by his values, engage fully in life, and let difficult thoughts and feelings flow through him instead of sweeping him away – he was able to cure his depression and powerfully transform his life.

Russ is so confident about the benefits of ACT not just because it has changed his own life, and the lives of thousands of people he has directly worked with, but also because it is based on solid scientific research, with hundreds of published studies supporting its effectiveness. Naturally he wants to bring the power of this evidence-based model to as many people as possible, using the simple, practical, and fun style of teaching for which he is famous.