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Perth Workshop – Day 2 – Friday 2nd December 2016

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Wellbeing is a buzzword these days. Businesses are told that they need ‘it’ and there are more and more providers claiming to have ‘the best wellbeing approach’.

person walkSo How Do We Define Organisational Wellbeing?

Organisational Wellbeing is a framework created to ensure that employees are safe, healthy and engaged, performing at an optimal level, and taking good care of their physical, psychological and social needs. It needs to align with the organisation’s values and strategic goals.

So What’s New?

The PsyFlex model helps you develop a more holistic, strategic and sustainable wellbeing framework, based on the latest scientific research into mind, behaviour and social interaction.

It helps you build and tailor your approach to designing and developing workplaces; how you support and manage employees and the way you assess and review the workplace health risks.

How Is The PsyFlex Model Different From Standard Wellbeing Approaches?

Most organisations have some sort of ‘wellbeing’ initiative or a ‘wellbeing approach’. However, these are rarely, if ever, holistic or strategic. 
Typical wellbeing approaches:

  • Are not based on analytical and scientific bases, and lack ongoing monitoring and updating.
  • Are not embedded into organizational framework, nor aligned with organisational strategy and values.
  • Are mostly reactive, without providing a sustainable, long term solution.
  • Are based on compliance: “ I will do it because ‘they say’ I have to – not because it is meaningful to me”.
  • Do not do not build commitment and drive behavioural change, which means there is no significant change to the organisational environment.

The PsyFlex model drives wellbeing throughout the organisation.

It inspires each individual within the organisation to commit to achieving a

healthy, safe and supportive environment. 

The PsyFlex model:

  • Is based on analytics and a best-practice occupational health model.
  • Incorporates a scientifically proven approach to managing human behavior.
  • Is based on a framework of FACTS:

 Flexible – A framework that is integrated into the business strategy and easy to change. It takes into account best-practice approaches to wellbeing, as well as changes in work demands and pressures.

Adaptive– A framework that is constantly monitored and analysed to ensure that it is suitable to the requirements and/or conditions of the organisation, group or individuals.

Committed – It is driven by the commitment of all individuals within the organisation, aligned with a common understanding of organisational wellbeing and how it impacts individual wellbeing, the workplace environment and business success.

Transparent – There is cross-organisational awareness and education about the new approach, including clear communication about wellbeing risks and how these impact individual and organizational outcomes.

Sustainable –To be sustainable, your wellbeing approach needs to be embedded in every part of your organisation, building a culture of openness, cooperation and acceptance.

 This workshop will help you:

  • Understand the psychosocial risks in the workplace and the key elements of a successful organisational health & wellbeing platform
  • Understand the basis for a holistic, strategic and sustainable health and wellbeing approach.
  • Learn how to influence the culture of your organisation.
  • Understand the role of business systems and people leaders in creating a positive workplace culture.
  • Learn to develop a strategic approach to managing defined risks on all levels: organisational, group/team and individual.

Click here to see our brochure and detailed outline of our one-day wellbeing workshop.


Ibis Hotel  Perth,

334 Murray Street

Perth WA, 6000

Dates: Friday 2nd of December 2016

Timing: 8:30am to 4.30pm

Catering Details: There will be tea, coffee and water available throughout the day. Morning and afternoon tea will be provided. We do provide gluten-free / vegetarian options on request.


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