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Perth Workshop – Day 1 – Thursday 1st December 2016

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Resilience: What Is It & Why Does It Matter?

Resilience is a hot topic right now. And that’s hardly surprising. In the last decade, a wealth of research has shown that resilience – the capacity to recover quickly and act effectively in the face of difficulties – is a key determinant of wellbeing and productivity in the workplace.

Is resilience simply a matter of positive thinking, relaxation techniques, and taking time to ‘chill out’? Far from it! If you’ve ever tried such ‘pop psychology’ methods, you’ve undoubtedly found they weren’t of much use to you when the going truly gets tough.

So What’s New?

PsyFlex offers you something very new and very different from commonplace approaches to resilience training.

As leaders in the field, we bring you the latest evidence-based, research-backed methodology – not only for building resilience, but for simultaneously increasing wellbeing, enhancing performance, and improving relationships. The one common factor that facilitates all these different outcomes, is a special mental skill-set known as ‘psychological flexibility’.

What Is ‘Psychological Flexibility’?

Psychological flexibility is the ability to take effective values-guided action with awareness, openness and focus.

Put more simply, psychological flexibility is your ability to: ‘be present’ (give your full attention to what you are doing, instead of getting distracted by difficult thoughts and feelings), ‘open up’ (make room for difficult thoughts and feelings, allowing them to flow through you), and ‘do what matters’ (act effectively, guided by your core values).

Psychological flexibility, the greater his or her resilience. But higher levels of psychological flexibility also lead to: healthier relationships, improved performance, reduced stress, reduced anxiety, greater wellbeing, increased fulfillment, increased emotional intelligence, improved physical health, less risk of depression or addiction, greater confidence, and overall, more happiness and vitality.

Indeed, research shows that psychological flexibility is the highest predictor of a person’s ability to:

  • Work effectively,
  • Develop and maintain productive and supportive relationships,
  • Maintain focus on the task at hand, even when it is very challenging, and
  • Achieve outstanding results.

Psychologically flexible people are able to respond more effectively to any type of work situation – during both times of ease and of pressure. This naturally leads to better levels of performance, job satisfaction, engagement, mental health and absence rates.

With today’s ever-changing economy, the ability to maintain focus on a difficult task and take effective action, (or refrain from taking ineffective action) is essential. The best leaders are those that are able to quickly adapt to challenges, support their teams both in times of ease and difficulty, and encourage others to do the same.

PsyFlex resilience training will enable you to develop psychological flexibility and become more successful in:

  • Building healthy relationships (and effectively handling conflict) at work and home,
  • Dealing with difficult situations, difficult feelings, and difficult people,
  • Taking effective values-guided action, regardless of your fears or self-doubts.
  • Responding quickly to opportunities as they arise.

Click here to see our brochure and detailed outline of our one-day resilience workshop.



Ibis Hotel  Perth,

334 Murray Street

Perth WA, 6000

Dates: Thursday 1st of December 2016

Timing: 8:30am to 4.30pm

Catering Details: There will be tea, coffee and water available throughout the day. Morning and afternoon tea will be provided. We do provide gluten-free / vegetarian options on request.



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